Are you an Entrepreneur who is Tired Of Paying Too Many Taxes, Without Even Knowing How The Government is Using Your Money?

Are you an Investor Who is Tired to Take 100% Risks and then Lose Almost a Third Of Your Profits, in Form of Taxes?

Or, You Just Want To Start Your Company In a Place Where The Economy Is Booming?

I can help you And I say STOP.


WHO IS Gaetano Tufolo ?

Before proceeding next, you might think: yes everything looks cool but who are you and what are your references?
So I tell you my story...
Born in 1989, my first official job was in 2007, when I was 18. It was a very tough job, in a warehouse doing the inventory for an industrial materials production company.
My official pay was of EUR 1,100. Not bad, right? Pity that we are talking about gross salary. At the end of all tax payments, I was left with only EUR 600
I was really unsatisfied, working 9h per day to leave almost half of my salary in form of taxes.
It was the last time I paid taxes as an employee. When I was 19 I started to invest in the stockmarket, during the subprime crises, in 2009 My first investments were a success, I was also lucky to enter the market when stocks prices were quite low. And what happened? I paid in form of capital gain taxes 12.5% of my profits.
Say what? I take 100% risks and the government has to take part of my profits, without taking any?
Meanwhile I complete my Bachelors studies in Business and I graduate in 2010 at the University of Naples, Italy. I decide to leave immediately the country, as I was tired of an excessive taxation environment.
I continue my studies with a Master Of International Business with a rotation program between Dubai, Shanghai and San Francisco
After I finish my studies in USA I decide to start my postgraduate career in Dubai, where there was (and there is) 0% personal and corporate taxation.
So, at the end of 2011, I start my career in Dubai. My first job in Dubai was in investment banking where, for three years, I was enjoying a tax free salary and I was also learning more about stock market and investments. In 2014, with two friends met in Dubai, we decide to open our first business: Neptune Yachts ​ Neptune Yachts deals in chartering its own yachts as well as offering waterspouts and Jetski rental.

Having opened my own business, I start to become familiar with bureaucratic procedures in opening companies.. and I get a job offer in the consulting sector from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) the Freezone of one of the Emirates. After almost two years of direct government work experience with RAKEZ and IFZA (Fujairah Freezone) I decide to continue alone and to open Plutus Financial Protection LLC with a vision: HELP PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TO REACH FISCAL FREEDOM BY PROTECTING THEIR WEALTH AND TO CONTRIBUTE TO DUBAI'S ECONOMY AT THE SAME TIME.

And I want to explain you how I can help you in detail, BY GIVING YOU AS GIFT ALSO A COPY OF MY BOOK "TAX LOCKDOWN"!

You do not want to read the book? No Problem! In this period we give FREE CONSULTATION to who, like yourself, is tired of excessive taxation.

But before booking your free consultation make sure that:

- You have a budget of at least 5,000 USD for my services (trust me, if you want to do what I do in one week, you will need 8 months)

- You have your own funds to invest and you don't ask me to invest in your business (I have already enough businesses, thank you)

- You are determined to reach your goals

- You are willing to plan a trip of at least two weeks to Dubai: it is possible to open a UAE company also without traveling, but the end results are not the best and I work only to give top quality services and products to my clients

- You are ready to start your journey towards your fiscal freedom and so.. a journey to Dubai

A Taste of What you will Discover...

Are you ready to start this journey towards your fiscal freedom?

Before doing so, I want you to know the 5 MAIN MISTAKES OF WHO STARTS THIS JOURNEY


This mistake is very common: leaving for Dubai without having clear information, thinking that you can do everything yourself. This is undoubtedly the shortcut to burn money starting from airline tickets, hotels, and then also get fines from your own country financial authority and UAE government authorities for inappropriate activities, wrong corporate structures and even WRONG JURISDICTION Dubai is an organized, safe and crime-free country, but full of dangers if you don't have the right contacts and don't do things right.


Who understands the rules of UAE taxation, better than someone living in UAE for many years? Who knows the consular procedures relating to changes of tax residence better than those who have done it for themselves? All the procedures and practices that I start for my clients, I have already tried them all on myself. I put in the experience, I put in the skills but above all I put my face into the things I do.


Maybe you have a friend or acquaintance who has a business in Dubai and you think he or shecan help you. You are wrong. There are no business setup formula and all services in this field must be CUSTOMIZED.


Too many consultants pretend to be a GURU, charging you astronomical figures for their services and then giving you the license of a hidden Emirate. This also leads you to fines and hassles, not to mention permanent damages such as loss of credit scores or getting reported to Interpol. I have been doing this job since 2011 and my base is DUBAI. I have three businesses in my name and open more than 200 companies per year. There are so many rules to know, in banking and consular procedures and I am always amazed to see how someone is always trying to copy what I do, thinking it is easy. Some consultants open companies that will never get approved to get even a bank account!


My friend, I only implement legal procedures to protect both you and me from tax evasion and tax evasion. NOT ALL EXISTING ACTIVITIES CAN BE TRANSFERRED TO DUBAI Precisely for this reason I offer the first totally free consultation, to avoid wasting time, both for you and for me.


100% Ownership (in Freezone and Offshore) and also 100% Ownership for certain types of business open to the public (Mainland)

A company in your name stays in your name. Find out also how to conduct a B2C business, without needing an Arab partner in your license.

100% Capital Repatriation

Your funds are safe in Dubai, the UAE banking system is one of the most efficient in the world and allows you to move your wealth anywhere with ease

0% Bureaucracies

The little documentation you have to sign, I'll prepare it all for you


That's right, everything you earn remains yours. The 100% of it. And this applies to all types of income, whether in the form of salary if you work in Dubai, whether you invoice from your company, whether you invest on the stock market in the European or American market etc.

Hire easily and terminate easily without trade unions

Smart work, virtual work .. all welcome in Dubai. You don't have to deal with excessive rules or any kind of labor union