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Open your Personal and Corporate bank account with Ease

Banking Services

A Corporate bank account is necessary for your business to register income for its transactions.
A company might not be considered functional if it does not have a bank account under its own name.

Invoicing under company bank account is not only more professional and credible, but it is also compliant to UAE regulations as it is not allowed to register business income under personal bank accounts.

Personal bank accounts are necessary to keep your wealth in UAE in a safe environment and can be used to receive income coming from different sources even from abroad (your own business, your own investments, etc.)

Why you need a UAE Corporate Bank Account?

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It is not professional to invoice your clients with a personal bank account or an account that does not correspond to your business name. Many clients might even refuse to execute payments towards an account that they redeem not trustworthy.
It is much better to have your clients make payments to "SMITH CONSULTING LLC" rather than to "John Smith"


There is a limit to the transactions you can register monthly on your personal bank account. And some banks might even decide to close your account if you continue to register business transactions under a personal account.
A corporate bank account respond to this need, and by invoicing through it, you can be sure that you will not have to deal with giving explanations about your transactions to the bank and/or will not incur into the risk of having your account closed.


All company establishment setup by Plutus Financial Protection are LIMITED LEGAL LIABILITY. Protection is in our own company name, and we offer to our clients only company structures that are PROTECTED.
If you do start to mix the transactions with your own personal bank account, you might be liable for those transactions in your personal name, so you will have to respond to the liabilities not only with your company assets but your own. We want to offer you 100% maximum protection, therefore we help you get your own corporate bank account to conduct your business transactions.. without stress.