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Free Zones are basically areas in Dubai specifically allotted and chosen to accommodate foreign investors interested in establishing their business operations in the city. Also called free trade zone or free economic zone these locations provide 100% foreign ownership to the investors and a very convenient single window administration for the requirements related to the company set up. Our mission is to find you the most suitable Freezone among the UAE’s 45 free zones in different Emirates.

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To understand the definition of an offshore company, we should first understand what a “company” is and what is meant by “Offshore”. We can then easily focus on understanding an offshore company in detail and how it relates to the financial industry. We can define a company as any legal entity engaging in legal business activities, such as a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation either public or private. Companies have various rights under the law. Offshore Is a term that means outside of your own jurisdiction …

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Mainland Company OR Limited Liabitity Company(LLC) the most common form of business in UAE. Mainland Company Formation or Mainland Business can be formed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the businesses capital. Most companies with foreign partners have opted for the Limited Liability Company, due to the fact that this is the only option that’ll give maximum legal ownership i.e. 49% to the expatriates for a local business for Mainland Business As it is mandatory to have  …

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