UAE Free Zone Company Formation

Establish your company with 100% Ownership


Free Zones are areas in Dubai and UAE destined to attract foreign investors. There are several advantages of having a FreeZone Company

- 100% Ownership

A Non-UAE National can enjoy being shareholder 100% of a FreeZone company in UAE.

- 100% Capital Repatriation

Your funds are safe in a Dubai FreeZone company. The UAE banking system is one of the most efficient in the world and allows you to move your wealth anywhere with ease


All income registered from a FreeZone company is subject to the corporate taxation of 0%

You will be required to pay 5% VAT ONLY if your business registers more than AED 375,000/-- in net sales over a period of 12 months.

- 0% Bureaucracies

The documentation to setup a FreeZone company is Minimal

- Hire easily without trade unions

Smart work, virtual work .. all welcome in Dubai. You don't have to deal with excessive rules or any kind of labor union

There are 45 free zones in the Emirates

At Plutus, we will provide you the FreeZone license most suitable to your needs to keep your wealth protected.

PRO & CONS of a freezone company

Setup Your Company with Ease

Free Consultation

We will look deeply into your activity to discover the most suited FreeZone

Documents Submission

Trade Name Approval and Shareholder Pre-Approval

License Issuance

We will provide you of digital and physical copy of your official documents


Start the visa process for Investor/Partner or Employee

Corporate Bank Account

Choose to open your bank account by yourself or trust us to provide you a banking solution



( Import / Export )


( Consultancy / Services )


( E-Trading / E-Portal )

Plutus can help you get your FreeZone company with all UAE Authorities

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