Introduction to The Path of Growth with Plutus Financial Protection

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Hi everyone!

As first post, I would like to explain you the reason why I am creating this blog.

Before talking about anything else, it is important a little bit of introduction and I have created the page “who am I” exactly to serve this purpose 🙂

Well.. let’s go to the point: I strongly believe that everything is about Growth.

I also have a specific Idea of Growth that I would like to share with you.

First of all, people of different countries, from different cultures, are pursuing Growth.

In what way?

Well, imagine Grow a family, build an house, grow a capital. Everyone is pursuing Growth, consciously or unconsciously.

I have split growth into 3 dimensions.

Financial Growth

Yes, the meaning is quite straight forward. As venture capitalist and investor I have always studied ways of making money. And there are several ways to persevere financial growth outiside linear income – for linear income I mean the regular income you can obtain being an employee for a company.

In terms of paper assets:

I have experienced stock market, bond market (corporate and treasury), commodities (metals, gold, copper), forex (currencies) and derivatives (options). Goes quite obvious that I have lost a lot of money in these instruments.. but I have also made it and learned from it.

In terms of real assets:

I have experienced real estate investments

In terms of business:

I currently own a luxury yachts rental company

There are several ways you can follow to persevere financial growth. You can work more, you can have a second job, you can work online on upwork, you can make money online in different ways or you can – and that’s what I personally prefer – have your money working for you with minimal effort.

Having your money work for you as a slave is just.. so much fun. You just have to count it at the end of the month and celebrate many times.

NB. If I appeared too technical do not worry, this is just an introduction, I will dig into any concept I have just exposed.

Personal Growth


In a way.. yes.

Growing personally means knowing how to do more things, how to be emotionally intelligent (did you know that the richest people in the world are also the most emotionally intelligent?) and by emotionally intelligent I mean learn how to recognise, manage and use your emotions to pursue your goals or avoid obstacles in the way.

Time management, goal setting, motivation, learning skills, skills worth learn and invest in, emotional intelligence, public speaking, happiness, high energy levels… these are all topics that will be covered in the Personal Growth subcategory.

Physical Growth

This is also self-explanatory… latins said Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, right?

Is important to have a lifestyle that supports also a correct diet. This will not only prolong your life but have also positive repercussions

So.. what is Plutus?