DeTax Your Life – the book on wealth protection & company setup – is now available!

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

In these festivities I completed the editing and the publishing on Amazon of our first book

DeTax Your Life is available both in electronic and paper format

In “DeTax your Life” you will read about stories of people who successfully managed to minimize taxation in their life… and people who did not.

In this book, the author aims first of all to identify the different areas that are attacked from taxation, which are your mind your body and your wealth.

Then with notions, tips, tricks and examples, several successful stories are shown to teach about a method to align your mental and financial resources to a more fulfilled life.

Stop letting your mind being afflicted to taxes, minimize the taxation on your wealth, get rid of unwanted body weight… create the financial resources to support your dream lifestyle.

If we once we believed that we always had to pay taxes throughout our lives… we will not learn that this is not necessarily true. Your taxation impact can be greatly decreased with creation of ad-hoc companies and with a bit of more knowledge of yourself.

If you want to change your situation, if you want to minimize the taxes you pay, if you want to lead a more fulfilled lifestyle.. do not miss the opportunity to read this book.

The tone of the book is very direct and straight to the point, it is not a self-help manual sweet-talk but wants to challenge your own beliefs.. all accompanied with the technicalities of putting them into practice.